We’ve fed and walked tiny Chihuahuas, colossal Saint Bernards and every size in between. We’ve played and frolicked with bouncy puppies and carefully tended to fragile elderly dogs. We’ve shared our beds with fluffy Shih Tzu’s and administered injections to diabetic pups. The common thread is how the folks at Goodnight Lucky provide loving care for beloved pets. We’ve picked a few stories for you to read about. Maybe one day you’ll be mentioned here too.

Bobbie & Maggie, an 11 year old female Beagle

The background
Bobbie and her family were traveling to the Caribbean for a long overdue vacation. In the past, Maggie was left in the care of a breeder. But, the breeder had recently retired and moved out of state.

Bobbie’s story
dog boarding goodnightlucky testimonialsWhen I called Sue (the breeder we got Maggie from) and learned that she retired I became a bit frantic. Who was going to watch Maggie? Sue was the only person who had ever taken care of Maggie. I didn’t want to leave her with someone else. But, the vacation was already booked and besides how could I cancel and disappoint the kids? I heard about Goodnight Lucky from my groomer and decided to check them out. What can I say? It felt good from the start. The key for me was that I could meet our host, Grace, beforehand and see if it felt like a good fit. Frankly, I would not have used Goodnight Lucky if I wasn’t able to meet Grace before I entrusted her with Maggie. Anyway, I loved Grace from the start and felt completely comfortable when we dropped Maggie at Grace’s house. While we were away, I phoned Grace every day to check on Maggie (frankly sometimes it was more than once a day). Sometimes, I asked Grace to put the phone up to Maggie’s ear so she could hear my voice. I hope Grace doesn’t retire or move away!

Dave & Teddy, a 5 year old male Golden Retriever

The background
Teddy’s dad, Dave, was going out of town for a long weekend with his fiancée. Dave’s mom, Jackie, usually stayed with Teddy when Dave traveled. However on this particular weekend, Jackie had her own plans.

Dave’s story
dog boarding goodnightlucky testimonialsMy co-worker mentioned Goodnight Lucky. I was in a bit of a bind and needed to figure out something fast. At the last minute, my fiancée surprised me with a weekend trip, but my mom wasn’t available to stay with Teddy. I phoned Goodnight Lucky and they offered to introduce me to Nancy, a host for Teddy. I was really short on time and completely overloaded at work, so I wasn’t able to meet Nancy. However, I did speak with her on the phone and she sounded good. I met her in person when I dropped Teddy at her house. That’s when I felt true relief and gratitude. Not only was Goodnight Lucky able to provide someone with less than 48 hours notice, but Nancy turned out to be a very special someone. She connected with Teddy immediately and began to play with him. He returned her affections by sloppily licking her face. Nancy didn’t mind though, she said Teddy reminded her of Prince, her dog who had passed away. Thanks a million to Nancy and everyone at Goodnight Lucky.

Janet & Maxie, a male Terrier puppy

The background
Maxie’s parents, Janet and Mike, were taking an overseas trip to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. They needed to find someone to care for Maxie.

Janet’s story
dog boarding goodnightlucky testimonialsMy husband and I were planning a once-in-a-lifetime European vacation. We had adopted Maxie less than a year before, and I was out of the loop concerning pet sitters. At first, I thought about asking my sister, but I didn’t want to impose. I asked my vet for a recommendation. He said that some of his clients use Goodnight Lucky. Well, let me sum it up in a nutshell. Maxie is a puppy and can be a bit of a handful, but our Goodnight Lucky host, Ed, did a great job. Maxie was waving his tail when we picked him up. And, it looked as though Ed would genuinely miss Maxie. Unbeknownst to us we created a problem for Ed. I hadn’t packed enough food for Maxie’s stay at Ed’s house (I think I was a little nervous about traveling overseas). Ed had the good sense to purchase the exact same food that Maxie normally eats. Unfortunately, they didn’t carry the brand at his supermarket. He called around and located the food at pet store. I was so impressed!